The Doves at Home

About Us

Our Doves are much loved and well cared for birds. Many hours go into training them so they will return home. They are a special breed known as Rock Doves and are closely related to the homing and racing pigeon which are all members of the Dove family. They are bred to develop the homing ability so they can safely return home when released. We also offer the fancy fantail doves for displays and photographs. Some brides find that doves make a much more memorable display then the classic flower arrangements and in most cases the cost is also lower.

The Small traditional Doves are also available for displays in our decorated cages.

We offer our cages decorated with high quality silk flowers or will work with you and your florist if you prefer to match flowers with your theme.

No release shall be done at such a time in the afternoon that the birds would not have time to return home before dark. Should bad weather such as rain or heavy wind prevent a release then all monies will gladly be refunded. The safety of our birds always comes first.