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Welcome to the Florida Dove Company!

Doves can be released for many occasions, for Funerals Weddings, Proposals, Baptisms, Christenings, even a declaration of love. Doves represent so much and symbolize love, Prosperity and good wishes.

In this time of so much terrorism in our world, a dove release can represent Hope, Peace and New beginnings even show support for our troops.

For the many meanings they represent to everyone, they are a beautiful sight and can give hope, support and comfort to us all.

Our Doves are much loved and well cared for birds. Many hours go into training our release birds to return home. They are a special breed of Rock Dove that is closely related to the homing and racing pigeon all of which are members of the dove family. They are bred to develop the homing ability so they can safely return home when released.

We also offer the small traditional doves and Fancy fantail doves in beautifully decorated cages for displays or photographs